The Air Within

Directed & Written by Monisha Dadlani

A young woman fills the streets of Prague with decorated balloons to celebrate the birthday of a lost loved one.

USC's BFA Acting Showcase Promo Class of 2016

Directed & Written by Monisha Dadlani

Featuring Aaliyah Frazer, Zach Cantrell, Brandon Wong, Turner Frankosky, Nikola Balac, Pierce Nassar, Devon Near Hill, Shane Paul McGhie, Camille Langston, Cecily Breaux, Tre Hall, Madhulika Krishnan, Ashley Morton, Monisha Dadlani, Michael Sturgis, Kyle Fitz, Alex Szemetylo, & Marinela Zubovic

A short trailer following the lives of an ensemble of twenty graduating actors.

Bake Break

Directed & Written by Evan McGahey

Featuring Monisha Dadlani & Alice Daine Benning

A comedic sketch in which two young women resort to baking in an attempt to recover from a recent breakup.

From Down Below

Directed & Written by Jack Martin

Featuring Zach Cantrell, Monisha Dadlani & Pete Etherington

Three friends embark on a journey to discover what hidden creatures lie in the basement.

Flip Frame App Improv Scene

Directed by Corey Sherman

Produced by Alex Kutulos

Featuring Tyler Miclean, Erik Vogt-Nilsen, Monisha Dadlani & Turner Frankosky

A group of theater students discuss the complications with their recent performance over tacos. 

Alice Through the Lab Doors

Directed & Written by Connor Fitzgerald

Produced & Edited by Monisha Dadlani

Featuring Ashley Morton

An older Alice goes through careful experiments in an attempt to make it back to Wonderland.