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DIY Destinations

Directed & Written by Monisha Dadlani
Produced & Edited by Matthew Keibler

Featuring Miya Kodama, Matthew Keibler & Zayna Quader

An overworked customer service representative working for "DIY DESTINATIONS", a unique agency that helps people design the afterlife of their dreams finds herself overwhelmed with an influx of customers given the general public's growing concerns over their own mortality due to the ever-present virus. One day, she gets an unusual phone call from someone who assassinated one of her now deceased customers.


Directed & Written by Monisha Dadlani

Featuring Daniel Rashid, Monisha Dadlani, Miya Kodama, Tuesday Grant, Nina Kramer, Brandon Gardner, Susan-Kate Heaney, Wendy Hammers, isaac jay, caribay franke

An inexperienced high school senior, obsessed with erotic and young adult fiction sets out to lose her virginity on prom night. The half-hour tv series based on the short is currently in development with Sony Pictures Television.

USC's BFA Acting Showcase Promo Class of 2016

Directed & Written by Monisha Dadlani

Featuring Aaliyah Frazer, Zach Cantrell, Brandon Wong, Turner Frankosky, Nikola Balac, Pierce Nassar, Devon Near Hill, Shane Paul McGhie, Camille Langston, Cecily Breaux, Tre Hall, Madhulika Krishnan, Ashley Morton, Monisha Dadlani, Michael Sturgis, Kyle Fitz, Alex Szemetylo, & Marinela Zubovic

A short trailer following the lives of an ensemble of twenty graduating actors.

The Air Within

Directed & Written by Monisha Dadlani

A young woman fills the streets of Prague with decorated balloons to celebrate the birthday of a lost loved one.

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