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Miscalculated: A Feature Film

Miscalculated: A Feature Film

Produced By Monisha Dadlani And Irene Lazaridis
Directed By Hannah Ryan Marquand

Written By Hannah Ryan Marquand, Monisha Dadlani, And Irene Lazaridis

Release Date: August 2014

Back home for the summer, two college freshmen boys try to help their young friend become a dating expert. They quickly realize they don't know as much as they thought, and seek advice from their two girl friends, which only leads to disastrous results.

Hunter | Sam Vartholomeos
Steve | DJ Tomanelli
Bryce | Oghenero Gbaje
Emma | Monisha Dadlani
Marnie | Irene Lazaridis
Ryan | Connor Wright

Creative Team:
Director of Photography | Zeke Foerster
Editors | Monisha Dadlani and Rohan Makhijani
Sound Mixing | Rohan Makhijani and Karl Regensburg

Sam Vartholomeos (Hunter) & Monisha Dadlani (Emma)
Connor Wright (Ryan)
Irene Lazaridis (Marnie)
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