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Three's a Crowd

a short-form digital series

After their dirty, obnoxious, disrespectful roommate, Veronica is “accidentally” killed in a dishwasher accident, Zoe and Samantha are faced with the obstacle of covering up her death while making up her third of the rent. 
Miya Kodama (Nella)
Zachary Steel (Depressed Landlord Gerald)
Director | Matt McClung
Cinematographer | Pearce Healey
Sound | Evan McGahey
Editor | Erik Vogt-Nilsen
Zoe | Monisha Dadlani
Samantha | Devon Near-Hill
Veronica | Clare Will
Nella | Miya Kodama
CODY | Zach Cantrell
Raymond | Turner Frankosky
Gerald | Zachary Steel

Monisha Dadlani (Zoe) & Devon Near-Hill (Samantha)
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