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Three's a Crowd

a short-form digital series

Episode 1 - Three's a Crowd.png
Episode 1
A passive-aggressive roommate fight about not doing the dishes has fatal consequences.
Episode 2 - Three's a Crowd.png
Episode 2
Zoe and Samantha hide Veronica's body from Depressed Landlord Gerald while Nella, Raymond and Cody spy on Apartment 17.
Episode 3 - Three's a Crowd.png
Episode 3
To pay for Veronica's missing third of the rent, Zoe and Samantha attempt to sell her organs on the black market.
Episode 4 - Three's a Crowd.png
Episode 4
Zoe comes home to find Samantha's new boyfriend, Jeremy making himself at home. The new trio goes to hide Veronica's body in the woods while Nella tips off the park rangers and Cody tries to protect Zoe.
Episode 5 - Three's a Crowd
Episode 5
Zoe and Samantha start strategizing a story to explain Veronica's sudden disappearance. Meanwhile, Veronica finds herself navigating the rules of the afterlife.
Episode 6 - Three's a Crowd
Episode 6
Samantha throws Zoe a surprise birthday party. The girls spend the night coming up with explanations for Veronica's absence. Cody finally musters up the courage to introduce himself to Zoe.
Episode 7 - Three's a Crowd
Episode 7
Zoe and Samantha interview new roommates to move into Veronica's room. Meanwhile, afterlife Veronica attempts to get a haunting license.
Episode 8 - Three's a Crowd
Episode 8
Zoe and Cody go on their first date. Samantha is convinced their Air BnB guest is Veronica come back from the dead. Nella and Raymond attempt to find Veronica's body in the woods.
Episode 9 - Three's a Crowd
Episode 9
Veronica and Addy get haunting lessons from expert haunting coach, Gwendolyn Peters. Jeremy hosts a seance with Zoe and Samantha while Nella and Raymond blackmail the girls using a recording from their Echo Dot.
Episode 10 - Three's a Crowd
Episode 10
All three worlds collide as Veronica turns to haunting addict, Margot to avenge her death. Zoe and Samantha move out of Apartment 17 and Nella, Raymond and Cody move in.
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